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This is the extract for Ercall Magna from the 1871 Cassey and Co.'s Directory.

High Ercall is a village in large parish, and come pricing the hamlets of Cold Hatton, Cotwall, Moortown, Crudgington, Sleap, Slafford, Ellerdine, Haughton, Isombridge, Osbaston, Poynton, Roden, Rowton, Tern and Walton, 8 miles from Shrewsbury, 6 from Wellington, and two from the Crudgington station in the northern division of the county, Wellington division of the South Bradford hundred, Wellington union and diocese of Lichfield. That the ancient British poet, Llywarc Hen, was acquainted with Shropshire, the names, streams, and localities which he introduces into his elegies are proofs. Among other places he mentioned Ercal.

“The sod of Ercal is on the ashes of fierce men, of the progeny of morial.”

From the circumstances that about a mile south of high Ercall. Between three and 400 paces from the eastern side of the River Roden, there is a depressed mound, 36 yards wide and 90 long, with angles rounded, and encircled by a fosse 6 feet deep and 29 wide, it has been conjectured that High Ercall is alluded to by the poet in the above quotation.
“With the manor of High Ercall”, Eyton eloquently observes. "Are associated some of the greatest names in Shropshire history. Here the co-heirs of Hamo Peverel retained their last hold on the county which had nursed their fortunes. Here the Chancellor Burnell, never sated with acquisition, reconsolidated in himself a seigneary, which he had severed for more than a century. In later times, Ercall was the Caput of those vast estates which formed the heritage of the Newports - a heritage than which none greater accured to any single Shropshire family since the advent of the Normans."
High Ercall came into the hands of Henry I. upon the forfeiture of Earl Robert, when the king invested Hamo Peverel in his manor, which descended to his collateral heirs.
The de Hadleys, otherwise de Ercalls, and descending from William de Hadley I, and Seburga, natural daughter of Hamo Peverel, continued for 200 years, to be the vassals of the mesne of High Ercall. To the Ercalls succeeded the Caverswells, who became Lord's of High Ercall about the year 1345. The church of St Michael is a fine old building, with a lofty square tower. It was much injured in the parliamentary war, but was substantially repaired afterwards, and in 1864-5 it underwent a thorough restoration, at a cost of about £1600. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £526, with residence, in the gift of the Duke of Cleveland. A mission church has been created for the hamlets of Crudgington, Sleap, and Slafford. There is an endowed school for boys, the yearly income is £90, and a separate school for girls and infants. There is also an hospital, founded by Francis, Earl of Bradford, for six aged men, with an income of £64; the other charities amount to £45 yearly. The Duke of Cleveland (Lord of the Manor), the Duke of Sutherland, J. Tayleur, Esq, and Patrick Hunter, Esq, are the principal landowners. The soil is principally loam and marl on red sandstone. The area of the parish is 11,799 acres and the population in 1861 was 1,969; gross estimated rental, £19,562; rateable value £17,944. The hamlets of Cold Hatton, Ellerdine and Rowton form a distinct district for the ecclesiastical purposes, with a chapel of ease.
Post Office - Evan, Davies Perry, postmaster. That arrives through Wellington at 8:30 a.m.; box closes at 4:30 p.m.
Railway station, Crudgington, Daniel Houldey, stationmaster.

High Ercall
Bucknil, Rev. George M.A. Vicarage.
Forrester, George Townsend Esq.
Hogg, Rev. Christopher Haynes, M.A.
Steedman, Mrs. The Grove.
Williams, Rev Sydney Herbert P.C.L.
Birch, John, farmer, Rodenhurst Hall.
Anthony, James, schoolmaster.
Bourne, John, brick and tile manufacturer, Long Waste.
Delves, Mary, Tayleur Arms Inn, Long Waste.
Hampton, George, Miller and farmer, Ercall Mill.
Lockley, William, blacksmith, Long Waste.
Mansell, Thomas, farmer, Ercall Park.
Owen, William, Joiner.
Parry, Evan Davies, grocer.
Ridgway, William, blacksmith.
Smallman, Ann, Cleveland Arms Inn.
Steedman, Edward Blakeway, farmer, The Hall.

Cold Hatton
Ball, John, Tailor.
Clay, Richard, butcher.
Colley, Edward, Tailor.
Icke, Hobert, farmer.
Nicklin, Samuel, boot and shoe maker.
Pitchford, William, farmer, Potford.
Ridgway, George, blacksmith.
Shakeshaft, John, farmer.
Tudor, William, Wheelwright.
Vaughan, John, relieving officer.
Webb, John, Seven Stars Inn, and farmer, brewer, and maltster.

Gough, Richard, Wheelwright.
Juckes, Mary, farmer.

Allen, Sarah, farmer.
Atcherley, Elizabeth, farmer.

Crudgington and Sleap
Bennett, Thomas, farmer and timber merchant.
Humphrey, William, blacksmith.
Jenkins, John, farmer. Sleap.
Madeley, Thomas, builder and contractor.
Rider, William, farmer.
Steward, Thomas Launcelot, farmer.

Hamer, Mr George, Windy Oak.
Buttery, William, boot and shoemaker and shopkeeper.
Cartwright, James, boot and shoemaker.
Cliff, Thomas, farmer, Heath.
Cotterill, John, farmer, New house.
Dickin, Mrs Mary Ann, farmer.
Dickin, Thomas, farmer.
Foulkes, William, Oak Inn, Heath.
Foulkes, William Junior, butcher.
Hamer, William, farmer, Windy Oak.
Higginson, William, farmer.
Jefferies, William, Wheelwright.
Morris, William, shopkeeper.
Shakeshaft, William, farmer.
Taylor, John, farmer.

Brisbourne, Thomas, farmer.
Leeke, John, farmer.

Bromley, Jerehiah, farmer.
Dixon, Tom, farmer.
Lee, Thomas, Steedman & C., Marsh Green.

Brookes, John, farmer.
Colley, Benjamin, farmer.

Breeze, John, surveyor of roads, The Invention.
Breeze, Mrs Esther, farmer and landowner.
Hamer, Robert, farmer.
Madeley, Thomas, farmer.
Morgan, John, farmer, Poynton house.

Hunter, Patrick Esq.
Cowell, Thomas, farmer.
Stanway, Richard, farmer, New farm.

Adney, John, farmer.
Bailey, Mr Thomas.
Bailey, Mrs Frances, farmer.
Brookes, George F., farmer.
Butery, John, smith.
Lewis, Richard, builder & C.
Vickars, George, smith.

Juckes, Thomas, farmer.

Breeze, John, boot and shoemaker.
Brookes, George (ex RE. Off), farmer.
Hughes, William, Tailor and Draper.
Juckes, William, butcher.
Webster, John F., farmer, Walton Hall.
Webster, Mrs Margaret, farmer, Walton Hall.
Wilding, James, farmer.

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