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Ercall Magna through photos, with as close as I can get, the same view where I can.

The first is a panoramic view of the area taken from the Trig point on Cotwall Bank. Please note that you will need QuickTime player to view this.
The next is stills of the above with the various village locations and the location of several buildings within High Ercall.
The Alms Houses or Hospital as it was also called. No before photos but instead a water colour by an artist called Thomas Farmer Dukes.
The Cleveland Arms, named after the last major land owners.
The Elms looking at the front of the house.
Ercall Mill
2 similar photos showing where the river once flowed.
Ercall Park South facing view.
The Grove looking up from the Shrewsbury Road.
High Ercall Hall old photos showing the familiar front view and the Arches
RAF High Ercall runways as they are today with the Airfield having been returned to agriculture. 1945 Christmas menu with signatures.
High Ercall Toll House. No before photos but this is as it is in 2007.
High Ercall Primary School.
The Rectory or Old Rectory.
The house at Sherlowe farm.
High Ercall Shop. 2 images showing how Shop Lane has changed.
High Ercall Church, St Michael and All Angels. Images from various sources and times, from around 1900 to 2007.
Various images of or around Ercall.
The Village Hall.
The Kiln at Walton Brickyard.
Walton Grange.
Walton Hall.
Walton Manor.
Crudgington Station
The Royal Oak, Ellerdine
The Wellington and Drayton railway line
The village of Roden, mainly of the home.

   01 Jan 09

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