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A brief history (According to Rob)

This will have links to other pages on the site as well as relevant pages on the web. Hopefully it will make it more factual (and interesting) than me babbling on.
I have made reference to a book on occasions called 'My Shropshire Days on Common Ways' by John Beard, CBE (1871 to 1950). To me this is a very important part of the History of, not just Ercall but many areas surrounding it, including some of the characters whom he remembers throughout his life. For more click here.

As a Timeline guide I have included a list of Kings and Queens since 1066 here.

To start with this link Place names describes possible theories on the origins or meanings of each of my chosen villages (some I am yet to find), but why is Ercall spelt one way and pronounced another? To be honest I have no idea, It could be that it was named after a prominent family, the Arckles although I currently have no information about them. So to give you something to think about this link ARKLE? leads to a list of some of the names that (High) Ercall has had since 1086.

Domesday is the first census of sorts taken in 1086/7 and was commissioned by William 1 (The Conqueror). It set out to make a survey of all England and covered the possessions of the Lords, their lands, inhabitants and where they lived, ploughs, horses and other livestock and the services and the payments due from each estate.

Bradford Hundred. From around the 1200s to the 1800s Ercall was in this Hundred with High Ercall being where some of the Lords of the Hundred resided.

Buildings and general history starts here.

Ercall at War will cover the conflicts that Ercall has been involved in. There was the English Civil War which took place between 1625 - 1649, and the Second World War.

Education, 1663 Thomas Leake founded a Grammar school for boys, in 1877 the National School was built and post war some of the old buildings were used as a senior School before new Schools were built in Wellington .

Incidents and accidents, a few, mainly nameless reports from the Quarter Sessions from 1713 to 1818

Authors of local publications

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