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Ercall Magna is in the County of Shropshire, England. To view its location Click here this will take you to www.Multimap.com. The centre of this is roughly on the Triangulation point at Cotwall which is at Latitude 52.7554 and Longitude -2.5941 and an Altitude of 85m.

The maps are traced images taken from various sources and are not to scale. The original images are available from the Shropshire Archives, British History online, Ordnance Survey and others, these are more accurate and contain detailed information on them.

Index to field maps
Click on the link above and this takes you to the index page for field map images of the area that I am covering within this site.

Index to larger scale maps
Click on the link above and this takes you to the index page for larger scale images of the area. Primarily of High Ercall but others will be included from time to time.

Extended area map
Click on the link above and this takes you to a map made up from various sources and brought together. Some of the places named can be difficult to find on some modern maps, if at all. Over time some roads have been altered, some new, some removed. The railway line running North to South through Crudgington is now only a memory with the odd remnant visible, as is the Shropshire Union Canal, Shrewsbury and Newport Branches with the exception of the iron aqueduct at Longdon on Tern and various bridges along its route.

Discovering Shropshire
This link takes you to a site called Discovering Shropshire, it covers a range of subjects related to Shropshire including Archaeology and History. Just put where you are looking for in the search box.

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