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This is the extract for Ercall Magna from the 1941 Kelly's Directory.

HIGH ERCALL (or Ercall Magna) is a large parish comprising the hamlets of Cold Hatton, Cotwall, 1 mile East, Moortown, 1 1/2 miles North-East, Crudgington, 3 miles East, Sleap, 3 East, Slafford, Ellerdine, 3 North, Haughton, 3 West, Isombridge, 3 South, Osbaston, 1 North-East, Poynton, 2 West,Roden, 1 West, Rowton, Tern, 2 East, and Walton 1 North. High Ercall is 7 1/2 miles North-East from Shrewsbury. 5 1/2 North West from Wellington and 2 1/2 West from Crudgington Station (in this parish) on the Wellington and Market Drayton branch of the great Western Railway and 151 from London, in the Wrekin division of the county. Wellington division of the South Bradford hundred, Wellington petty sessional division, rural district and county court district, rural deanery of Wrockwardine, archdeaconry of Salop and diocese of Lichfield. The church of St Michael's dates from 1080, but was enlarged about two centuries later. Its original dedication was to St Edward the confessor. The building is of stone in the early English style, consisting of chancel with chapel on the north side, nave, south porch and a lofty embattled western tower containing a clock and 8 bells: it was much injured in the Civil War, but was substantially repaired afterwards, and in 1864-5 it was restored under the direction of G.E. Street Esq. R.A. at a cost of about £1600 and affords 350 sittings. The register's date from the year 1585. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £350, with 30 acres of Glebe and residence, in the gift of Lord Barnard C.M.G., M.C., T.D. and held since 1940 by the Rev. William George Beale B.A. of London University and Queens College, Birmingham. The mission church of brick was erected in 1863, at a cost of about £500, for the hamlets of Crudgington, Sleap, and Slafford: it has a western turret containing one bell, and affords 100 sittings. There is also a Methodist chapel at Crudgington, built in 1902, and seating about 100. There is a hospital, founded in 1694 by Francis, Earl of Bradford, for six aged persons; the other charities amounted to £26. 16s. 8d. yearly, arising from Thomas's bequest, being the interest on £484. 12s. 3d.: Roddenhurst’s, the interest on £85, and the Poors Land of 3a. 3r. 4p. which is let for £8 yearly. The grammar school was founded here in 1663 by Thomas Leeke, but since 1887 the funds have been too low to admit of it is being carried on, and they are used to provide scholarships. Lord Barnard C.M.G., M.C., T.D. is lord of the manor: the Manchester Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. and the farmers are the principal landowners; the former have a large fruit farm at Roden and a convalescent home adjoining. The soil is principally composed of loam and marl, and rests on the new red sandstone. The chief crops are wheat, barley, turnips and decorative grasses. The area of the parish is 11,404 acres of land and inland water; the population in 1931 was 1,667 in the civil, and of the ecclesiastical Parish (which comprises parts of high Ercall and Rodington civil parishes), 1,226.
The hamlets of Cold Hatton, Ellerdine and Rowton form a distinct district for ecclesiastical purposes, called Rowton, under which head they will now be found.
Post, M. O., & T. Office, High Ercall. Letters through Wellington, Salop.
Post Office, Crudgington. Letters through Wellington, Salop. Waters Upton nearest M. O. & T. Office.
Post, M. O., & Office (available for calls to places within a limited distance), Roden. Letters through Wellington, Shropshire.
Railway Station (G.W.). - Crudgington.

Private residents.

(For TNs see general list of private residents at end of book.)
Beale , Rev. William George B.A. (Vicar), Vicarage.
Carran, Eldon, The Elms.
Topham, Mrs. Richard, J.P. Ercall Park.
Wycherley, Charles Henry, The Grove.
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
Austin, Regnld., blacksmith.
Boswell, Horace Arth., boot repr.
Cleveland Arms P.H. (Jn Randle Roberts).
Evans, Ebenezer, farmer, Mill farm.
*Everall, A. E., farmer, Shirlowe. TN 250.
Hayward, Edith Helen, Genl stores TN 259
Pidduck, Donald Wood, farmer, TN 220
* Topham, Mrs. Richard JP, farmer, Ercall Park. TN 202

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over
*Bruckshaw, George Herbert, farmer. TN High Ercall 212.

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
*Bromley, Mrs., farmer. TN High Ercall 205.
Stevens, Jas. B., farmer.High Ercall 223.

Marked thus + should be addressed, Crudgington Green, Wellington.
Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
+ Brown, Jas., smallholder.
*Brown, John Leonard, farmer, The Leasowes.
+ Davies, Fredk., farmer, Windy Farm.
+Davies, Rt. Hy., smallholder.
+ Everson, Rt and Son, Smallholder.
Hadfield, Alice (Mrs), Smallholder.
+ Hall, Jos. Wm., smallholder.
+ Highfield, Jsph. Raymond Hollis, shopkeeper. Great Bolas 35.
+ Jones, Arth. David, smallholder.
*Major, Regnld., farmer, Sleap. TN Great Bolas 25.
Milk Marketing Board, Great Bolas 52.
+ Morris, Jsph, smallholder.
*Nunnerley, Thos., farmer, Manor Farm, Great Bolas 30.
+ Oakes, Chas, smallholder.
Powell, J., farmer, Morebank.
+ Rutter, Geo., smallholder.
+Shakeshaft, Edwin Wilfred, farmer.
Shropshire Associated Colleries Ltd. Railway station.
Stockton, Geo. Edgar, farmer.
+ Teece, Harry, smallholder
+ Teece, Jn., smallholder.
+ Wiggin, Ann (Mrs.), smallholder.

M.arked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
Carbutt, Wm., smallholder.
Overton, Edwin, smallholder.
*Woolrich, Thos. Edmnd., farmer. Upton Magna 21.

Evans, Fredk, farmer.
Evans, Thos. Alfd., smallholder.
Powell, Walter and Son, farmers, The Hill Farm (postal address, Longden-upon-tern, Wellington)

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
*Adney and Harris, farmers, High Ercall 257
Taylor, Anne (Mrs), shopkeeper.
Taylor, Annie (Mrs), refreshment rooms.

Atcherley, Robert, Poynton Villa.
Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
*Evans, Wm. Maxwell, farmer, Poynton Manor. High Ercall 209.
Gilson, Geo., farmer.
*Platt, Wm. Newall, farmer, (letters through Shawbury, Shrewsbury) High Ercall 227.

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
*Bailey, Phyllis (Miss), newsagent and Post Office. High Ercall 251.
Eames, Lt-Col., Chas., Wm., D.S.O.,. T.D.,. MD., physc and surgn (attends Tues and Fri 11 a.m.).
Jones, Albt., smallholder.
Manchester Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. Farmers, Red House. TN High Ercall 207.
Manchester Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd., fruit growers.
Manchester Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. Convalescent home.
Parton, Harry Copsey, builder. High Ercall 225.
Shrewsbury Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. (The), grocers.

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
*Whittles, J. Gibson, farmer, High Ercall 217.
Smith, Wm., farmer, Tern Lane.

Marked thus * farm at 150 acres or over.
Hughes, Alfd. Geo. Rt.,tailor, Ivydene.
*Kemp, Horace, farmer. High Ercall 216.
Marston, Chas., smallholder.
*Nicklin, Arthur B. farmer. High Ercall 248.
*Rickards, Ernest Rd,, farmer. TN High Ercall 203.

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