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List of those who served in the 1914 - 1919 War

Addison Thomas (senior) Evans John Leech George Reynolds Edward
Addison John Futcher Charles Lee William Reynolds George
Addison Thomas (Junior) Futcher Lionel Lloyd Harry Ralphs Samuel
Addison Richard Futcher Albert Leighton James Richards John
Addison George Ferrington Harold Leighton Richard Ralphs George
Allen Thomas Ferrington Sydney Leighton Edward Ralphs Albert
Allen George Ferrington Wilfred Leighton William Rhodes Robert
Burgess Walter Fieldhouse William Lewis George Rhodes Benjamin
Burgess Ashton Fieldhouse Samuel Lomax Charles Rudd Arthur
Burgess Joseph Foster Alfred Lee Albert Speed George
Burgess Albert Foulkes Thomas Madeley Robert Speed John
Beard Thomas Felton John Madeley Charles Speed William
Bennett Bernard Fowler Joseph Madeley Joseph Speed Albert
Brookes George Fletcher Bertram Morris Thomas Swain William
Beach Thomas Grice John Morris Percy Shakeshaft Walter G
Brown Albert Grice Thomas Maddox Kenneth Shakeshaft William R
Bason Frank Griffiths Albert Maddox Stanley Shakeshaft Harold
Bason James Griffiths Percy Morris John Shakeshaft Joseph B
Butler William Griffiths George Maddison William Spencer Percy
Butler George Gilbert George Maddison John Spencer Frederick
Butler John Highfield Charles Maddison Walter Smith Thomas
Bright Joseph Highfield John Maddox John Smith John
Bright William Hall James Madeley Ebenezer Smith Harry
Beard John Hall Ernest Newnes Thomas J Shore Charles
Beddall John Hall Pryce Newnes Harry Speed George
Bellingham Richard Hall Harry Newnes George Speed William
Breeze Thomas Hall Thomas Nowell Walter N Speed Thomas
Breeze George Hall Frederick Nowell James W Strefford William
Buttery Harry Hall John Nichols Arthur Strefford Robert
Beeston George Horne John Owen Frederick Tonkinson Edward
Beeston Samuel Haines Ernest Owen Kynnersley Thomas David
Brown John Hopwood George Owen Harold Thomas Arthur
Bray Edgar T Hollins George Owen Charles Thomas Harry
Brookes George Howells George Owen Frederick Thomas Joseph
Barnett John Holding Charles Owen William Tinsley William
Buttery John Holding Joseph Parker Harry Tipton Charles
Brisbourne Frank Holding Samuel Phillpott William H Teece Robert
Burrows William Holding John Pitchford Walter Tudor Geoffrey
Bess Harold J Holding George Pitchford Cyril Webb Charles
Chidlow John Holding Thomas Pitchford Donald Webb Arthur
Craik James Heath Richard Pitchford Rupert Webb Ernest
Cliff John Heath Samuel Povall Harry Winnal Ernest
Cliff Alfred Hopwood John Payne Thomas Wedge John
Cartwright Harry Humphreys James Prosser John Wedge Harry
Cartwright Arthur De Heritz Frederick Prosser George Wedge Thomas
Cartwright Walter Harper William Prosser John Wedge Joseph
Cartwright Frank Harper Walter Price Thomas Woolley Samuel
Cartwright Harry Jones Frederick Price William Watton Harry
Crowder Harry Jones William B Pearce Charles Watton Kia
Caddick Adam C Jones Leonard Pearce Harry Williams Richard
Cross Phillip Jones Thomas Pearce John Wellings Wilfred
Devonport Thomas Jones Edward Pickin William Walters Richard
Delves Harry Jones William Pickin Richard Wilkinson Thomas
Dyke Herbert Jones Ernest Pickin John Williams Alfred S
Dorsett William Jones George Pickin William Woolley Thomas
Dodd George Jones Frederick Pugh Harry Wynn John G
Davies Frank Jackson William Pearce Reginald Williams Archibald
Davies Walter Johnson Frederick Richards Alfred Wellings Harry
Evans George Jaundrell Herbert Richards Edwin Whitefield James
Egerton William Jubb A Richards Charles Whitefield William
Everall Harry Kemp Horace Ridgway William Wellings George
Evans Joseph Lea William Ridgway Cecil Williams David
Edwards William Lee Cyril Ridgway George Wellings Harry
Eccleshall George Leeke Arthur Reece William Wellings George
Evans Walter Leeke William Reynolds William Yewbrey Albert
    Lloyd Robert Reynolds Samuel    

(These are in the order listed on the plaque hanging on the north wall in the church)

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