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Has been referred to in the past as Walton of the Clubbe, although I can find no clues as to what this means.
As a child I occasionally heard stories about "The wizard of Walton" but knew nothing about him. I now know that he was Thomas Light, the sorcerer.
In the book "My Shropshire Days on Common Ways" John Beard says that it was widely known that people from all over the county and beyond; from Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Wales, went to him for spells and cures. Practicing the Black Arts many of the things that he was "famed" for included curing cattle of their ills, putting charms or curses on cocks so as to guarantee a win at cockfighting and cursing those that had stolen, causing them to return the items taken. The end of his days though a story in itself, John says that he fell out with a fellow wizard named Jacks from the Wealdmoors who communicated with the Dark powers via a Toad, Jacks had asked Light for a potion which was made from the puff ball fungus but Light refused. John goes on to say "Jacks’ toad, on receiving its orders proceeded to use its powers to suck the life out of Light. Doctors and witches were sent for, but neither physic nor exorcisms availed. Light died, as I have heard the old people say, the death of a man who had “sold himself to the Devil,” with Jacks and his toad the instruments of his destruction."


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   01 Jan 09

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