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A brief history (According to Rob)

These are some of the accounts from the Quarter Sessions relating to High Ercall. It appears to me that horse and carts are more dangerous than cars and lorry's and that the beer was a lot stronger!

Apr 1713. Theft.
Jul 1729. Stealing ewe sheep
Jan 1756. Assault by woman, fined 1s.
Oct 1763. Man fell into watercourse which he was scouring.
Oct 1763. Infant fell into a pit of water.
Jan 1766. Theft (woman), guilty.
Jul 1766. Theft.
Apr 1771. Old man who went nutting into a wood, stayed late, became bewildered and fell into a pool.
Apr 1771. Boy riding and driving a team upset by 2 men riding at full gallop, who did not see him owing to night being dark, nor hear him as road was sandy.
Jul 1771. Man, disguised in liquor fell off foot bridge into ditch, Ercall Magna.
Apr 1772. Assault, High Ercall.
Jan 1773. Man washing sheep fell into a deep place.
Jan 1773. Man watering his master's horses, fell into stream.
Jan 1774. Theft.
Jan 1775. Theft.
Jul 1775. Assault, guilty, fined 6d.
Jul 1775. Assault.
Jul 1776. Theft. (broke gaol)
Dec 1778. Man driving coal wagon fell under wheel. Dead. (wheel), 5s.
1779. Man died in a fit.
Oct 1781. Man killed by lightning under a tree.
Oct 1781. Man, in liquor, riding in dark fell and was run over by wagon. Dead. (wheel), 10/-.
Jan 1783. Man, disguised in liquor, going through a moss fell into a pit of water.
Jan 1784. Theft (guilty).
Apr 1784. Man, disguised in liquor, fell from horse into river Tern.
Apr 1784. Man getting gravel, crushed by fall of it.
Jul 1784. Boy playing near ditch of water fell in.
Jul 1784. Man found dead in barn, visitation of God.
Apr 1786. Man driving wagon slipped and fell under wheel.
Jan 1788. Man on a ladder fell from it.
Jul 1788. Theft (woman), (pleads guilty)
Apr 1789. Man caught in the cogs of a water corn mill. Dead. (cog wheel), 2/-.
Jan 1790. Woman near to a well of water fell in.
Jul 1790. Assault.
Oct 1790. Undertaking by J. Edmunds, High Ercall, and his wife to forego all proceeding against. Richard Wycherley, Innkeeper of Wem.
Jan 1791. Man felling a tree, high wind blew tree on him.
Oct 1791. Man driving wagon fell under wheel. Dead. (wheel), 5/-
Jan 1792. Man found dead in his field, natural causes.
Apr 1792. Theft. (pleads guilty, imprisoned a week and passed to his settlement)
Apr 1792. Boy playing near tub of water fell in and was drowned in the waters of the said tub.
Jan 1793. Man, lunatic, hanged himself.
Jan 1794. Man, much disguised in liquor and in rumming, fell down on road and was run over by a wagon. Dead. (wheel), 2/-
Apr 1794. Coroner's Inquest.: Man driving plough team seized with apoplexy.
Jul 1794. Man washing sheep in a brook drowned in a deep place.
Oct 1794. Man, lunatic, hanged himself.
Jul 1796. Girl playing near boiler of boiling water fell in.
Oct 1798. Man riding on timber carriage fell off and wheel went over him. Dead. (wheels), 2/6
Jan 1799. Theft. (woman), (guilty; solitary confinement for 1 month)
Jan 1800. Woman standing near well slipped in.
Apr 1800. Man working in deep drain, marl fell on him.
Oct 1800. Theft. (not guilty)
Jan 1801. Man, much disguised in liquor, fell into Roden.
Jan 1801. Theft. (to be transported for seven years)
Apr 1801. Woman sickly, and infirm, died of extreme.
Apr 1801. Infant boy overlaid by mother.
Jul 1801. Man passing between 2 empty wagons fell and wheel went over him. Dead. (wheel) 2/-
Jan 1803. Woman, near a certain pit of water fell in.
Jul 1803. Man riding, on road, fell from his horse.
Oct 1803. Man, much disguised in liquor, suffocated by drinking a great quantity of strong ale.
Jan 1804. Assault, (2 men).
Apr 1805. Man going over bridge fell into river.
Apr 1805. Man riding a mare fell off.
Jul 1808. Man cleaning a horse kicked by it. Dead. (horse) 5/-
Jul 1808. Theft.
Oct 1808. Man died by visitation of God.
Jan 1810. Man was driving a team and wheel went over him.
May 1810. Man coming home fell into a ditch of water.
May 1810. Man killed by a fall from a horse.
Oct 1810. Man was driving wagon team and horse threw him down under wheel.
Jul 1811. Returns of conviction by T. Eyton, man for attempting to destroy fish in a stream, the property of the Marquis of Stafford, at Ercall Magna; Forfeits £5 (to Lord Stafford)
Jan 1812. Man was coming home and fell into a ditch.
Oct 1812. Boy playing with a pail of water turned in upon his head and breast and the water suffocated him.
Apr 1813. Theft. (promissory note, coins, and handkerchief)
Jul 1813. Man, lunatic, hanged himself.
Oct 1818. Man, lunatic, hanged himself.

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