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The Alms Houses

I don't know when this was drawn, it looks as though it is on open ground prior to walls being erected around it. Apart from the chimneys there appears to be little change to the building

Image courtesy of Shropshire Archives
6001/3065 (318) - "Alms Houses at Ercal Magna", Thomas Farmer Dukes watercolour

Taken April 2007, this shows a view of the 2 wings with a court yard in between them.
Again April 2007, this shows the front view, the only changes I know of externally was the new wall that was moved back slightly.
April 2007, shows a dedication above the main door. The inscription below was sent to me by Paul who copied it out and transcribed it. My thanks to him.
Deo O M
In Sustentationem
Sex Pauperum Quibus
Senio et Labore Confectis
Nihil Aliud Reliquum Est
Quam Vivere et Precari
Has Aedes
Aere Suo Extructas et Dotatas
in Grati Animi Testimonium
Dat Dicat Dedicat
Franciscus Comes de Bradford
??Anno Domini ???????????
Abi Viator
Hujusce Dicti Memor
Quas Dederis ?Salvus Semper Habebis Opes
To god most excellent and great
For the support
Of six poor people for whom
Worn out by old age and toil
Nothing else is left
Than life and prayer
These houses
Built and endowed from his own money
In witness of a grateful heart
Gives devotes and dedicates
Francis Earl of Bradford
In the year of our lord ??????
Go on your way traveller
Mindful of this saying
The wealth you have given when well you will always possess
   01 Jan 09

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