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The old Railway

A short write up on the railway can be found here.

This is a photo of what is left of the path of the old railway line looking from the Rowton bridge towards Crudgington. The chimney of the Creamery can just be seen to the left of the trees. Below is where Rowton Halt once was. Taken 31 May 2008.
Looking through Rowton bridge towards Crudgington, the Halt being on the other side. Taken 31 May 2008.
Looking the other direction towards Nobridge and the line is completely gone having been leveled and returned to the fields. Taken 31 May 2008.
The old Railway bridge at Nobridge. Taken 13 July 2008.
This is standing on the bridge looking, or trying to look towards Rowton. Taken 13 July 2008.
This is standing on the bridge looking towards Ellerdine, the line of the track can be seen through the iron structure and between the trees beyond it. Taken 13 July 2008.
Standing on Ellerdine bridge and looking towards Nobridge, on the original picture the Creamery chimney can just be seen between a couple of trees to the left of the of the bushes at the top. Below would have been Ellerdine Halt. Taken 31 May 2008.
And the other direction looking towards Peplow (being the next Halt), as you can see its been completely taken over. To the right of this photo are Hilbrae kennels. Taken 31 May 2008.


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