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This is a birds eye view of Roden, the Convalescent home is in the front with the glass houses of the fruit farm seen towards the back of the landscape with the river Roden to the right. It appears from reading some of the comments on the back of the cards I have that many held Roden and the area around with high regard. This is undated but is depicted before the advent of cars as there is a horse and carriage being driven from the Lodge entrance to the home.
Dated postally 1911 this is of a lane in Roden called "Lovers Lane". As the name is in quotes I can only guess that "Lovers Lane" was a local name at that time.
Dated postally 1922 this is of the Lodge entrance to the Convalescent home, this building, the home and 2 further cottages stand out in Roden due to the brick colour that was used in there construction, this being of a yellow brick.
Probably from the 1920 / 30s. This shows the Convalescent home when is was used by the C.W.S (Co-operative Wholesale Society, limited, Manchester) as a home for employees from all over the country to recuperate. Reading on the back of several of the cards I have it appears some people came on a regular basis and seemed to use it as a base to see the local countryside.

Postally dated 1938 which is slightly different to the one above judging by the tree growing by the window and the lack of fence. This and the above view shows what an extensive building it is.

This is the inside of the conservatory that can be seen on the left of the photo above. The following pictures are of various internal parts of the building.
Below is the Staircase, to it right is the Dining room and the Ladies room.


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