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High Ercall Church

This image is taken from a book published in 1906 called 'Shropshire - Historical Descriptive Biographical'
It shows Swans on what is probably the remains of the moat, with the arches of the Hall to the left and Church in the background.
This image is taken from a book called 'My Shropshire Days on Shropshire Ways' by John Beard, C.B.E. (published around 1947/8)
In the background to the right of the church there appears to be a building, this is probably a barn as shown on maps of that area from around 1839 to 1945. The water in the fore-ground again could be the remnants of the moat that used to surround the Hall.
church west side 2007 A similar view from Church road. In the intervening time the wall has been built up, the other side of which used to be a farm yard. The young man in the picture is my nephew Luke who has been assisting me. This was taken in April 2007.
Taken around 1911, this is from a series of postcards done by C.W.S. at Roden. church south side 1911
church south side 2007

As can be seen very few of the memorial stones remain, even in my memory there were considerably more than there are now, from what I understand many were put into storage locally some years ago and have possibly since been destroyed. Sadly the only record of many of the 'residents' within the churchyard are the burial records. This was taken in April 2007.

This cross can be seen in both of the above photos. The inscription on it says (on the opposite side of this photo):

To Christ the crucified
To those who have borne the cross for his sake
To those whose 1st ?? were disturbed at the restoration of this church in the year 1864
This cross is set up

This being the time that the Church was restored by G.E. Street. This was taken in April 2007.

1864 memorial cross
sun dial mount This is the plinth that held the sundial, this to has gone missing, I can last recall seeing it in the mid 1970s, although it was refurbished in 1998 by Mr and Mrs R Redwood.
This was taken in April 2007.
This is an image of the sundial, it was made in 1718 and from memory it was constructed in brass. It showed the times in High Ercall, Rome, Jerusalem and Plymouth, New England. sundial image
On the end of one of the building of the Hall is this carving, its location is to the left of the Gospel Oak.
Photo taken October 2007
This is a closer view of the above, I currently have no idea what it is or refers to. I'm assuming it has some religious significance purely due to fact it is in the shape of a cross.
Photo taken October 2007
The Gospel Oak with the Hall in the background, it is said that Monks used to worship here in Mediaeval times.
Photo taken October 2007
   04 Jul 09

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