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A brief history (According to Rob)

Also referred to as the Hospital. This was founded in 1694 by Lord Bradford. It is made up of 6 dwellings and according to Arthur Mee in 'The Kings England, Shropshire' in 1939 when the book was first published, " the old people were still using the original tables, which were made with a low rail to keep their feet out of the rushes on the floor."
Who knows, perhaps, some of the building materials used in this came from the grander Hall when it was demolished after the civil war?

Ercall Mill
John Beard in 'My Shropshire Days on Common Ways' says the following about the mill : - "The River Roden divides the hamlet which bears its name from High Ercall, at the bridge near the mill. It has occupied this position from the days when the Abbey of Haughmond would be its Possessor, and from which we may assume that up to a few years ago it had ground the corn for High Ercall, Rodington and the hamlets around for seven hundred years or more. Indeed, its possible that on this site stood one of the mills which Doomsday records, as having been in existence in Saxon times.
Now the waters of the Roden pass through its gates uninterruptedly, and the picture of my young days of George Hampton, son of George Hampton of Rodenhurst, the proprietor at that time, and George Hill the Miller standing together, white clad men, to watch or greet the lone cart of a passerby, else waiting for a full load of corn to be unloaded into its granary, has gone.
The wheel is silent, maybe for ever, and this Mill, the last on the river Roden before it reaches the Tern, may grind no more. I wonder will some vandal mind conceive the idea some day to pull it down, or will neglect allow it to decay? or may it be considered worth while to keep it, as an ancient Parish Memorial for future generations to see?"
I hope that John would be pleased with the fact that it is still standing and is now a Bed and Breakfast. See links page for the web site.

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   01 Jan 09

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